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Jonathan Joseph Sidelined for Rugby World Cup

England Rugby team will be quite lonely in for this season onwards. It is because there will be one missing person to play in every match for this season. He is Jonathan Joseph who usually plays in the center. However, he will stay in the outside of main field until he is allowed to join again. Joseph actually had a problem with his chest part. The injury is known as pectoral injury, and it is usually caused by great impact after collision between players. We all know that the impact is so dramatic concerning players are wearing heavy armor with heavy body weight. With his injury, he is presumably not able to follow any kind of match for 3 weeks.

His injury was getting intense when fighting against Fiji. 18th of September, to be exact, there was an epic battle between Fiji and England. Even though England team won the match with great margin (35 – 11), the team pay quite expensive consequence by losing Jonathan Joseph. The excellent player, unfortunately, should suffer from injury and it is impossible for him to play longer in any game. It is reported that he will not play for the next Saturday match in 3rd of October. Indeed, it is a sad thing to know that fact. However, it is definitely something that should be accepted by team and player as well.

We all know that injury is common accident happening in any kind of sport. It also includes rugby, and there is no way to conquer that except by proper treatment. Jonathan Joseph should undergo several treatments related to his chest because of the injury. Usually pectoral injury can be cured quickly and easily. However, it is important to know that his injury is more serious than expected. Therefore, the decision is that he should be in outer field for two or three weeks ahead. Since Joseph is definitely not able to follow consecutive matches, there should be a replacement.

Actually England is still confused to choose single replacement for the next player. The requirement is quite difficult in which the player should have strong body with great muscles. It is important because he will stand in defense line against harsh attack from opponent. Typically speed is not really main concern, yet it can contribute quite well to the game. Moreover, it is also important for the player to have great durability since the game will last long. There are several possibilities, and they have not been narrowed down.

Henry Slade is one of the persons from a few possible players that will be deployed in the following match. There is a training that will determine the best combination of team considering new player coming into the game. What is absolutely needed is that the players know each other without excessive cognitive commands. The players should be able to have great reflect through everyday training, and it is what strived by the team. The battle against Wallabies in near future will be determined through this army composition.