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Legal Action on Lawyers after Carencro’s Resignation

There is always something unexpected coming from football field. Last august there was a battle between Chelsea and Swansea, and it ended quite dramatically. Actually it is not about the real game result in which both team could not win. However, judi online terpercaya is all about José Mourinho emotion in the match. The match was quite interesting, and there should have been words flying through each manager related to the best team. Having no concluding point at the end should make this guy pissed off. However, there was another reason why he was emotionally so unstable. It was because Chelsea did not have full team. There were only 10 members , and it was reduced again by one.

Playing football with only 9 members will ruin the game, and that was what happened last month. Reduction of player was basically not without consent of professional doctor. There was Eva Carneiro who is basically a great doctor who has supported the main club for some brilliant months. Unfortunately, her decision to cure Eden Hazard was something controversial especially for Mourinho. He could not accept the fact that Hazard desperately needed treatment before everything got worse. Basically it truly made sense because the team was crumbling down without complete player. However, somehow he blamed everything towards Carneiro.

Her decision to treat Hazard was actually quite problematic. It is mainly because of the timing. It was injury time, and anything was possible to happen. However, it is unlikely that Chelsea could win the match especially with sickly player. It might only force him to suffer more on field instead of being productive. The end result would not have changed even if Hazard kept playing on the field though. Her decision should be respected, yet it was did not quite happen. Moreover, it was presumably that Mourinho used abusive words which can lead to penalties. If that was true, it would strengthen Carencro’s position before the law.

After the match, long after the match, Carneiro was declared to be demoted from her position. However, it is not the only reason why she wants to resign. It was assumed that she did not get fair treatment from Mourinho because she is female. Sexist is the problem here because Mourinho declared that it is important to understand the game, and being hit is common thing. He also added that anything happened to Hazard was basically minor problem i.e. being hit and tired. The game should have continued without any further reduction of player if someone (Carneiro) knew football quite well.

With all of those problems, finally Carneiro decided to quit from medical assistance for this team for good. She was not seen in trainings he started to ask lawyers to do job after resignation. Public seems to support her decision, yet what she did was frowned upon especially by doctor’s group. She should have kept secret this sensitive information from public for the sake of good relationship between two parties (employee and employers). However, it is what it is. It cannot be changed, and public should be wise in responding this case.