Andrew Strauss

Strauss Claimed to Award His Great Cricket Player He Contracted

England cricket director, Andrew Strauss, proved his promises by making good for the great gamer, Eoin Morgan. He is known as the one of eleven players in which Strauss takes him to get the contract with the team starting from 2015 to 2016. Morgan is listed on the last number of awards internationally about 3 years ago. He joins with the team with some additional great bowlers. Mark Wood is confirmed to be the team of Strauss together with Morgan who is taken in contract for a year. There are some other bowlers that have signed the contract to be in the team.

On the other hand, it is known that Test’s players are taken from the ability and skill of every players whether one of them deserve to be in the team or not, but it is different from Morgan. Morgan is recently awarded by Strauss as he is real great bowler. It can be seen from his performance as he could give the one that out of people’s mind. The impression has already led the director, Strauss to give him an award to him. It is because Morgan has undergone so many things in his career that turns the squad up.

It is proven from the performance which gets improved from one tournament to another. He also becomes a captain of Twenty20 in which it is not easy to be such person. Another great thing that he made is he importantly follows what Strauss said to the team. He makes the director getting proud of him all the time. Moreover, his joining in the competition of last winter in a World Cup just makes the directors and all of the supporters get impressive of his performance. Hence, it is the time to give him an award just because of his career track.

In the interview, Strauss stated about his reason to give him an award. All the great things they made just make him sure that he is the important part that will strengthen the squad much better. Then, Morgan will be prepared to join in the white-ball cricket for the next match. He also claimed that Morgan will be busy preparing his own performance in T20. There are some great matches that he should join in the competition, such as T20 World Cup and One-day International Cricket Cup that will be held in the few months ahead.

On the other hand, in the middle of preparing the next cricket tournament, Strauss put a comment through Wood as one of the great players that he contracted. It is the same as Morgan that he also has an impressive performance. Then, Strauss counted him on for the next greater match in which he is very sure that Wood is able to win the tournament. This year might be the luck for Strauss as he already prepared the players that may strengthen the squad. The reward is a good present for the players’ career tracks for now and for the future as well.