samit patel

Patel was Confirmed to Face Pakistan in This October Match

England Test was calling up Samit Patel to strengthen the squad after Zafar Ansari was injured on his thumb and he needed to take a leave from is career. This moment might be the one that had been looking forward to happening by Patel as he needed to wait for 3 years before joining the England Test. Patel will be sent in a competition in United Arab Emirates to face Pakistan. Patel then had some preparation before against the rival in the tournament. Meanwhile, Ansari just saw the doctor and he was ready to get the medical treatment from the specialist.

It is reported that Ansari had visited to see the doctor in this week. It is a hand specialist to examine his injury. In addition, he needs to undergo an MRI scan which is aimed to see injury to open the thumb. In the same time, sadly when he was playing on Surrey in Lancashire, he got the injuries just in hours. It made him take a leave to break the career as the champion in the next tournament. His expectation has turned down and he just needed to focus on his injury until he may recover the thumb.

Then, Ansari has been planned to have the surgery for his injury so he need to take rest totally. In the same time, England vs. Pakistan A has been competing each other in the warm up match of the first round. However, Ansari had just lost the chance to gram the trophy from Pakistan as he needs to postpone it for the nest year. Meanwhile, this moment will be the opportunity for Patel to break the history against pakistan in the real competition later on. The skill of Patel had been proven as he got the champion for some matches.

Joining in England’s Test squad was something that they expect and now it seems that the dream comes true of him. After being a winner in the match against India, now Patel is preparing himself to join in a competition to defeat Pakistan. He said that he will never give up to give the best and make the supporters of England’s Test squad get impressive for his performance. He also said that his skill has been developed at bowling and he had successfully won the match in the cricket tournament. Those are the proofs to make his rival lost in the match.

As the planning, Patel is confirmed to face Adil Rashid as Pakistan’s squad. The match will determine England to get to the next round in Abu Dhabi. Meanwhile, Ansari who postponed his performance in this match will be faced in the same next match. This is a good opportunity for Patel to give the best as he can in the competition yet a sad moment for the Ansari. He is expected to get recovered soon from his injury so that the supports can give him their voices in the next match. Now, good luck for both of them!