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Fury Made A Surprise of Wearing Batman Costumes to Give A Warn to his Rival

Tyson Fury made a surprise in the press conference when he met her rival before the tournament. He made the surprise on purpose as he wanted to show that he was as strong as superhero like Batman. Well, everybody in the hall then laughed and thought that he went crazy. Well, it is as the same as his rival, Waldimir Klitschko that thought that Fury was just a clown. Actually, that funny moment would be the best scene for the media press to take pictures. This situation is rarely made by the athletes who are going to have a tournament.

At that time, Klitschko said that Fury needed a therapy to make him turn from his illness of being a Batman. Fury was wearing a Batman costume as a warning for his rival which was known as the King or Wrestles as he was the triumph for some tournaments of wrestle. Instead of being in fear or something to face his rival, his was just showed that he was ready to beat him all over. The press conference had been so much fun in the beginning like it is out of his mind to show with a Batman costume.

Also, this way was taken by him to welcome the King of Wrestle. He said also that he would make him turned down and he would be the champion. On the other hand, Klitschko seemed to enjoy the show made by Furry and he did not even show any fear and shy as well. He said that he would also be ready to make him lose in the tournament. As it is reported, the tournament is going to be held in London in October. During the conference, all the things shown in so much fun like they went crazy before the match.

The tournament was known to be the moment when Furry faced the King of Wrestles, Klitschko, and the other rivals which has git some champions in some tournaments. Meanwhile, Furry added that the Klitschko was just an old man who was so boring and he would break the record as the new King of Wrestles of this year. He did really have a good sense of humor towards his rival. Moreover, his jokes were well accepted by Klitschko who become a Joker who would beat a Batman. The tournament will be a great tournament even in the next month.

Both of the athletes were taken in to heavyweight class to determine the World Wrestling competition which will be held in London. Both Furry and Klitschko will be confronted each other. It is known that Klitschko is the one that cannot be defeated in 11 years so that he was called as the King or Wrestles. This is a good time for Furry if he is able to win the trophy of championship which means that he will break the record that has been made by the King. Well, letÂ’s see them in the next tournament to know the champion.