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The Comeback of Becky James after A Series of Poor Moments in her Career

The comeback of Becky James in 2015 seems to be a brand new day and hope for her. She expects this year will be great year that she should through till the end of the year. After undergoing some sad moments in the last few years, now she already gets the spirit to join in the cycling competition of this year. Well, as it is reported that in the past time she should take a leave from being cyclist as she had poor injury that make her impossible to join in the cycling competition and it should take long time to recover.

Moreover, another poor moments just came to her like they can’t stop suffering her. She also had to get bad treats from his boyfriend and it lasted in a long time of suffering. Those sad and poor moments just made her go tough and strong to get out from the misery. Fortunately, she is been ready to join in Rio 2016 and she is preparing herself to be completely ready to join the match. On the media, she hopes that this year will be all hers as she won’t cry a lot anymore as she already puts every sad moments behind.

Her feeling has been settled right now and she wants to start what she already start in the past as the sprint cyclist. It is known that she got the injury that takes her to bed rest from any cycling activity. Moreover, a cancer just attack her and it just made her stressed out very much. The only thing that she can do is just a hope to be back as the cyclist. Now, it is time to show her skill as the cyclis and she is ready t join in the upcoming competition that will be held in Manchester.

In the middle of the interview she also talked about her poor love life that some bad moments are created by his boyfriend. Well, her boyfriend seemed to take over her too much. It was bad since what he did would affect to her career very much. She just could not stand that her boyfriend picked her up so many times when she had the training lesson. Then, she tried to let out the fear and getting out of the bad times with her boyfriend. She said that all of her soul was just cycling all the way.

She also talked about the experience during the recovery from her injury at that time. The moment happened in the beginning of 2014. During her break, she was also diagnosed to suffer cervix cancer that will be so dangerous for her. This depression was the thing that she could not avoid all the time. Now, this year is the revival of her to be ready joining in the cycling competition. She will give the best to break her record as she has planned in advance. We will see her in the upcoming competition to know about her power and performance.