simple verse

Simple Verse is finally the Winner

It is rare to have a controversial result in racing. It is because the winner is obviously the one who comes in the first line, and it is also very rare to find racers coming into finish line in the same time. However, the case of Simple Verse is basically not related at all about reaching the finish line. It is all about dispute because of damage in the course of race. Simple Verse is a filly which is still young and energetic. She unfortunately was regarded as interfering horse in the race, and that is why she was considered as lost in the race.

Basically it is the first reason why Simple Verse case is controversial. There is another reason why this beautiful hose is considered as awful horse for race. It is because it has been supplemented costing up to more than $50,000. This is supposed to be like a cheat for winning the game. That is why this horse was demoted to the second position in Doncaster Classic. Since she became runner-up, Bondi Beach came up as winner. This horse came in second position and was so close to win. The exact gap is merely a head-length, and it is definitely a tight battle. Just for additional information, the comparison of odds between Bondi Beach and Simple Verse is quite different. It is 8 – 1 and 2- 1 respectively. It basically makes sense why the disputes claimed by inquires related to Simple Verse action and treatment were considered deeply.

Knowing the fact that Simple Verse should have won the game, Ralph Becket as trainer did not accept that fact. Therefore, he filed an appeal for the sake of winning point for several points. First of all, the rule does state clearly about the race itself; especially things related to what rider can do. Secondly, there is also additional equipment which is known as suspension within for the horse. It is basically a minor thing, but it is quite problematic in this case. After appeal process, finally it is decided that Simple Verse won the Doncaster Classic. The other horses – Bondi Beach – should be demoted once again because the decision was changed.

Even though considered as winner, the rider is banned for three days from racing. It is because of his careless ride that interfered other racers – especially in last match. However, it was weak case because there was a proof that Bondi Beach’s rider has been leaning upon Simple Verse in the race. It is a sad thing to happen for the rider, yet it cannot be altered or changed. It is needed for deterrence effect for other racer to avoid such condition. The team was so happy with the decision, and it was basically an exact thing to happen. Actually the appeal seemed to be negative since panel was not persuaded. However, the chairman could explain that the finishing position of Simple Verse was not improved by any means, and it was completely based on the horse itself.